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Industry Involvement

Environmental Policy
Maheshwari Mining Private Limited is committed to conducting all its operations in an environmentally responsible manner and minimizing risks associated with our activities which impact on the environment.

Ensure that all employees and sub-contractors are aware of their environmental responsibilities through inductions and other information and training.

Avoid pollution or unnecessary disturbance of the natural environment including land, air and water.

Ensure operations minimize hazards to the health, well-being of the community, personnel, and native flora and fauna

It is our policy to plan, manage and continually improve our activities so as to minimize disturbance or other adverse effects on the natural, cultural or community environments in which we operate that is why our moto is Global Technologies & Ecological.

Quality Policy Of The Company
MMPL details management responsibilities and governs resource management, product delivery and measurement benchmarks. Additionally, it provides details on its administration to ensure we optimize and continually improve our quality assurance.
MMPL accredited by ISO: 9000, ISO: 14000, ISO: 45000 certifications.