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MMPL owns a vast collection of latest world class machineries for Mining as well as Exploration.

Metal Mining Machineries

S No.EquipmentQuantity(Nos.)Remarks
1LHD 4 Ton10 
2LHD 7 Ton12 
3LHD 10 Ton11 
4LHD 14 Ton8 
5LPDT 15 Ton4 
6LPDT 20 Ton11 
7LPDT 30 Ton21 
8Single Boom Drill Jumbo9SANDVIK
9Double Boom Jumbo12SANDVIK
10Scissor Lift01SANDVIK
11Trackless series of Equipments-Mucking Loaders / Drill jumbos / Locos / Mine Car / Electric Loaders11 

Coal Mining Machineries

S No.EquipmentQuantity(Nos.)Remarks
1Continuous Miner2 
2Pass by Twin Bolter2 
3Mobile Conveyor4 
4Extendable Haulage System1 
5LHD (Electric)55 Ton & 1.5 Ton
6Dewatering High Capacity Pumps12 
7Various Cap Ventilation Fans40 
8High Capacity Pneumatic Pumps30 

Exploration Equipments

Sl. No.Hydrostatic Drill Rigs (Drilling Depth)Quantity(Nos.)
11800 Metre28
21000 Metre15
3500 Metre15
Sl. No.Semi-Hydrostatic Drill Rigs (Drilling Depth)Quantity(Nos.)
11200 Metre18
2800 Metre25
3500 Metre22
3Man Portable Machine3
Sl. No. Core Orientation Tools Quantity(Nos.)
1 Gyro 17
2 Bore Hole Camera 17
3 Directional Motors 17
4 Core Cutting Machines 17
5 Crushers 17
Sl. No. Core Orientation Tools Quantity(Nos.)
1 DGPS Sensors 5
2 Total Station 5