Underground Metal Mining

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  • Development Mining

    At the heart of MMPL underground mining business is mechanized development mining; specifically high speed mechanized hard rock mine development services and jumbo drilling using electric/ hydraulic jumbo drills and rubber tired, diesel engine powered equipment.

    The key to this method is the rapid development of the decline, enabling early access to and mining of underground reserves.

    MMPL will sustain its competitive advantage in high speed development mining through a proprietary research and development program underway into in-situ testing of shotcrete, allowing earlier re-entry and effective quality control.

  • Production Mining

    MMPL has the capability and fleet to provide customised solutions for long hole, specialist and production drilling applications for underground mining.

    MMPL’s production mining services include production drilling, charging& blasting, and loading & hauling to the surface.

    Our production drill rigs are electric-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic to suit the application and capable of drilling the hole sizes from 57mm to 102mm and larger for specialist applications.

    Modern high-tech explosives such as emulsion and electronic detonators are used to ensure optimum fragmentation and minimise ore loss and dilution.

    Maheshwari’s underground Metal mining capabilities range from total mine development and production, to specialized services to meet the short and long term requirements of its clients.

    We have the ability to deliver large-scale, full service requirements as per the customer’s need.