What We Do

We have significant contribution in Underground Mining Services, Exploration Services, Geotechnical Services and Rental Services.

Underground Mining Services

Maheshwari Mining is involved in:

  1. Mechanized underground mine feasibility
  2. Mine development in Coal and Different Types of Metal
  3. Mine Production

Maheshwari Mining provides total mining solution under one roof. We will be there from the beginning of mine designing, planning and construction of infrastructure. We are also involved in the supply, operation and maintenance of the necessary equipment and also in coal production. For coal mining and production, Maheshwari Mining provides mass production technology.

Among the private investors in India, we are the pioneer for mass production technology with Longwall mining. We have also introduced ‘Bolter Miner’, a smart and efficient machine.

Our speciality:

Our speciality:

  • International Partners
  • Core Expertise
  • Planning and Design
  • Air Ventilation
  • Material Transport
  • Coal Transport
  • Development
  • Gate Road
  • Trunk Roads
  • Board and Pillar
  • Incline
  • Longwall
  • Stone Drifting
  • Mass Production
  • Bolter Miner

Prospects of Underground Metal Miningat MMPL

  • Development Mining:The strength of MMPL’s underground mining business is mechanized development mining, high speed mechanized hard rock mine development services, jumbo drilling using electric/hydraulic jumbo drills and rubber tired, diesel engine powered equipment.
  • Production Mining: MMPL is able to provide customised solutions for long hole, specialist and production drilling applications for underground coal mining and underground metal mining as it has the capability and required fleet. Production drilling, charging & blasting and loading and hauling to the surface are some of the production mining services of MMPL. Both our diesel-hydraulic and electric-hydraulic have the ability to drill holes ranging from 57 mm to 102 mm and larger for specialist applications.

As per the customers’ requirements, we are able to deliver large-scale, full service requirements. The following are some other underground mining activities that we provide:

  • Shortcreting
  • Production Drilling
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Shaft Sinking in Coal & Metal
  • High Quality Equipment Rebuild
  • On Job Training & Labour Hire

The implementation of RIGHT TECHNOLOGY is our work principle. We customize our services as per the specific mining conditions of each and every underground mine. We have an expert team of engineers and planners who improvise the work depending on the situation. We modify new technologies as per our technological standards and apply them as per requirement of the mining companies in India.

Exploration Services

MMPL has its state-of-art fleet of hydraulic rigs ranging from 600 meters to 1800 meters; we at MMPL ensure that all measures and efforts are taken for delivering quality service to esteemed clients.

  • Resource Consultancy
  • Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Studies
  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Specialized & Large Diameter Drilling
  • Rotary Mud Drilling
  • Down The Hole (DTH) Drilling

Geophysical Services For Exploration

We have always believed in technology transfer through resources and manpower to assist our clients with best exploration programs. Our Geophysical Logging services has been successfully logging slim hole for varied geologies and we effort to further increase the fleet with multi-dimensional tools for clients need. The unit is designed to carry out logging up to 1000 meters.

We offer a combination of Seven geophysical logging probes as per below:

  • Natural Gamma
  • 16 Inch Normal Resistivity
  • 64 Inch Resistivity
  • Spontaneous Potential
  • Single Point Resistance
  • Porosity
  • Density
  • Caliper
  • Borehole Temperature
  • Deviation
  • PVelocity

Geotechnical Services

We specialize in providing Geotechnical Services as per client requirement. Some of the services are as below.

  • Mini Pile Foundation And Allied Sub-Structure.
  • Rock And Soil Anchors –Passive &Pre Stressed
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Specialized Drilling Works For Caverns
  • Drilling & Grouting – Permeation Grouting For Coffer Dams
  • Consolidation
  • Curtain And Chemical Grouting
  • Ground Improvement
  • Oil Cavern Water Curtain Bore Holes
  • Foundation Treatment ( Drilling& Grouting)
  • Micro Piles
  • Jet Grouting

Rental Services

  • Development Jumbo Fleet
  • Production Fleet – LHD LPDT
  • Hydraulic Diamond Drilling Rigs


In both Underground Metal Mining and Coal Mining industries, we have Greenfield Projects. For coal and metal mines in various projects, we have successfully made detailed engineering report. There is a lot of crucial information in the reports. As per our designs and specifications, we get the machines manufactured in China. As part of our engineering activities, we have done a lot of indigenous work on the electrical and electronic portions of the machines.

Expertise in Winders

For all types of Winders, Maheshwari Mining has expertise in the in-house development of electronic and electrical wonders. For the supply of Winder Drums, we have tie-ups with Jinzhou Winder Manufacturing Company, China. In order to make the Winder Drums capable to operate in India, we incorporate our own Electrical and Electronic Controls in them.

Geophysical Services

By ensuring accurate, calibrated and precise data quality, we have executed a number of successful projects for industry leaders in underground coal mining and metal mining. The clients also have the flexibility to tailor their geophysical logging program to suit their needs.

  • Density &Caliper Log
  • Natural Gamma Log
  • Resistivity Log (SP & SPR)
  • Neutron Log
  • Spectral Gamma Log
  • Verticality Log
  • Sonic Log
  • Temperature Log

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