Who We Are

In 1972, Maheshwari Mining Pvt. Ltd (MMPL) was founded to offer services to Indian mining sector at Ranjiganj, its head office now. Later a corporate office was established at Kolkata and branch offices at Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Udaipur & Hyderabad. Central Engineering Works, the core of MMPL operations, is located in Raniganj.

For over three decades, MMPL invested in cost effective,

customizable and expandable state-of-art operations across diversified markets and geographies. It started off with mining but later forayed into exploration, mine equipping and HEMM equipment refurbishing. MMPL today has a strong presence with various projects across the entire nation


No.1 Business Partner in UG Mining and Exploration Industry with our purpose to provide as much value to our stakeholders as we can in an ecological and sustainable way.


Delivering value for all stakeholders involved in the process creating a win-win situation.


• Trust
• Respect + Humility
• Loyalty
• Persistence

Our Services

Maheshwari Mining Pvt. Ltd. is India’s biggest and fully integrated underground Metal and Coal Mining services provider.

We are a one-stop-solution provider as an Underground Coal And Metal Mining Company. Our vast range of works includes proper planning, mine designing, constructing infrastructure along with supplying, operating, and maintaining all Rig machineries and equipment, to finally exploiting the mineral of desire. We have been able to stand out as the pioneer among India’s private investors for mass production technology. We have joined hands with the world’s best mining companies as well as popular international equipment brands. Our company owns and operates as a vast range of underground compliant machinery as per international industry standard.

Our head office is located at Raniganj in Paschim Bardhhaman, West Bengal, India. We have branch offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Nagpur for supporting the various operations. At Raniganj, we have our CENTRAL ENGINEERING WORKS (CEW) for refurbishments & maintenance of all equipment and store of required consumables.

Mining Exploration Service

Underground Coal Mining

Central Engineering Works

Digital Mining

Underground Metal Mining

Mine Equipping & Winders

Our History

With a specific strategy set in mind, we have established our roots deep down in specialist Coal and Metal (hard & soft rock) Industry. After functioning for almost four decades, we have been able to secure the place of one of the best under-ground mining service providers across India.

Having secured the place of India’s leading diversified Mining & Exploration Service provider, we operate to influence every corner of the resources. We assure to provide high quality services to all our clients having different requirements.

Along with implementing strong technical skills and optimizing specific commercial criteria and geological condition for the job site, we also assure complete safety and security of the entire project.


a) MMPL 50 Years Journey

b) Metal Track Less Mining Videos from Kolihan – Face
Drilling by DRILL JUMBO

c) Metal Track Less Mining Videos from Kolihan- LHD Loading into LPDT

d) Metal Track Less Mining Videos from Kolihan- LPDT
unloading in Grizzley

e) Metal Track Mining Videos from Surda- LHD Loading & Unloading

f) Metal Track Mining Videos from Surda- LOCO tramming with Tippling Tub

g) Coal Mines- Animation Videos for LCCM

h) Exploration videos from Drilling

i) Winder Installation videos from Kendadih/ Shanthikhani

Our Latest Projects!

At Maheshwari Mining Pvt. Ltd., we rely on discipline, honesty, and hard work to bring out a successful outcome. We follow a simple set of core values which we have been maintaining since the inception of our company. We focus on all avenues for stability and growth through creating strategic partnerships with the resource holders.

We have maintained the strategy of providing affordable and durable services with which we took our first step. This way, we have been able to meet all the criteria of our clients.

Awards & Recognition

Awarded Best Mining and Exploration Company of the year in 2023.

First Prize for Overall Performance and Welfare amenities & use of PPEs at the ODISHA METALLIFEROUS MINE SAFETY WEEK, 2015, 2019

First Prize for Contractual Working Training, Health and Safety at the ODISHA METALLIFEROUS MINE SAFETY WEEK, 2017


Awarded Best Mining and Exploration Company of the year in 2023