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The depths of our specialists, their skills, coupled with the diversity of techno-managerial skills provide us with a solid platform for achieving the aggressive business growth and performance objectives set by the boards. Having expertise in improvising the work as per the demand of the situation is the strength of our team of engineers and planners.

It is also the secret behind becoming one of the popular mining companies in West Bengal. All the members of our team are always ready to accept new technologies and implement them as per the job requirement. Whenever new members join our team, our in-house training process makes them fully ready for the upcoming job responsibilities. Whatever may be the client’s requirement in connection to underground mining, our expert team is ready with the solution

MMPL during has been building a team of qualified and well-trained persons having working knowledge of different machineries throughout the years of Operation and comprehensively expresses the values we have generated for our team.

We also have a strategic business approach towards building a state of art facility as well as word-class technocrats by deputing our mid-level and senior level executives of different verticals, to various OEMs as well as Overseas Training Program for up gradation of skill and to be at par with the International Standard.

Category Numbers
Engineers/ Technical Staff 181
Administrative Staff 72
Mining Team 1943
Exploration Team 830
Geotechnical Team 23
TOTAL (Approx) 3049