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MMPL undertakes designing, manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning & testing of winding engine for different locations with varied capacities ranging from 100KW to 600KW including VFD and Automation System.
MMPL has successfully designed, installed & commissioned Man winders in different part of India up to 600 KW for our esteemed clients like:

  • MOIL at Gumgaon, Munsar, Chikla, Ukwa Mines.
  • IMFA at Mahagiri Mines.
  • HCL at Kendadih Mines.
  • SCCL at Shanthikhani Mines.

Converting old steam winders into new electrical driven system with safety features as per DGMS guidelines along with AMC for 9 years at 6 locations of Eastern Coal Field Ltd. namely JK Nagar, Lower Kenda, Nimcha, Pandaveswar, Kunustoria, Shyamsunderpur.

MMPL owns its full fledged and automated sinking system (equipped with VFD, PLC, SCADA, Automatic Contrivances, etc) including Winders, Winches, Hoists, Grabs, Scaffolds, Batching Plants for rapid shaft sinking works adhering to the DGMS requisites.

MMPL also specialises in Equipping works like-

  • Total Integrated Sinking System design, analyse, and formulation of a Rapid Sinking System in latest and advanced software and simulations.
  • Skip Loading and Unloading System-design, supply and commissioning.
  • Tippler Tub – design, supply and commissioning.
  • Supply and installation of other key components:

Sheave wheel, Guide rope anchoring, Catch dogs, keps, Cage receiver, Guide ropes, Horizontal & vertical doors, Winding rope, Cage & Suspension gears, etc.

MMPL has experts capable for Operation and Maintenance of Winders for 10 years and more. It has different Hoists and Winches from small to high capacities up to 100 KW for varied works for mining.