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Underground Coal Mining-MDO (Mine Development & Operation)

Total solution provider from mine designing, planning, construction of infrastructure, supply, operation and maintenance of equipment to coal production.
  • 40 Years of UG coal mining experience.
  • Expert in multiple commodities.
  • of using different underground mining methods.
  • Turnkey sevice provider.
  • Offer tailor-made solutions to each project.
  • Constant focus on optimum economic benefit.

Mass production technologies MMPL provides:

  • Continuous Miner (CM) Packages
  • Road Headers
  • Twin Bolters
  • Electric LHD
  • Fast Inclined Drivage

Low Capacity Continuous Miner

Indigenously designed and operated in Indian mines—

  • Successfully operated in TATA Steel’s Jamadoba since 2018.
  • Machine is capable to operate in any existing coal mine of India.
  • It is a low-cost machine producing 500 tonnes per day.

Twin Bolter

  • Total hydraulic machine for drilling in face ranges from 5.5 meters.
  • Height ranges from 4 meters of roadway.
  • Can adapt to the work of roadway slope as plus or minus 15°.
  • High comprehensive drilling function, good safety, high working efficiency and low labour intensity.
  • Used specially to support anchor rod and anchor cable.
  • Shortens operation time, improves efficiency and enhances quality.