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Underground Metal Mining-MDO(Mine Development & Operation)

  • MMPL provides END-TO-END Mining Solutions.
  • A ONE-STOP-SOLUTION-PROVIDER with multiple divisions catering to the miners’ needs from shallow to deeper mines and from development to production in total MDO mode.
  • Expert in track & trackless mining using methods like room & pillar, cut & fill stopping and sub-level caving. MMPL owns close to 100 trackless mining equipment.
  • Deploys own equipment and skilled manpower for cost effective and economical ore extraction.
  • Practical & economical designing, high production rate, low equipment down time, efficient strata support, good fleet of equipment and mine machinery, sufficient spares, effi


High speed mechanized trackless hard rock mine development services using Jumbo Drills, Load Haul Dumper(LHD) and Low-Profile dump trucks(LPDT).


Capable of producing from metalliferous mines using specialised equipment requiredin production form underground stopes. MMPL’s mining services include production drilling, charging & blasting, loading in UG trucks and hauling to the surface, supplying and operating plant and machinery and in-house machinery maintenance.

As per the customers’ requirements, we are able to deliver large-scale, full-service requirements with our owned equipment in Mining Industry.

Trackless Mining Equipments

  • Electric Locomotive
  • Rocker Shovel
  • Cavo Loader
  • Hydraulic Bolter
  • Electric LHD

Trackless Mining Equipments

  • Jumbo Drill
  • Diesel LHD
  • Low Profile Dump Truck (LPDT)
  • Shot Creating
  • Man Utility Vehicle
  • Scissor Lift
  • Bolters