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Digital Mining

1. Critical Component Monitoring System

We monitor Online with real time data of critical components like Motors, Gear Boxes, Stator, Transformers, etc.

2. Gas Monitoring System

Online monitoring of underground gases in mining environment such as CH4/CO/CO2/O2/Sox/NOx etc and air velocity with real time data with audio visual alarm system.

3. Safety Technology implementation in Blasting Practices

Providing the Tech Solutions for manual errors and breach of safety protocol during blasting or in exploders. Safeguarding the blaster until persons reaches at two right angles.

4. Wireless Underground

We can have a network of wireless system in underground throughout the mines to communicate from underground to surface and vice-versa using online monitoring system of equipment, machines, belt networks, pumping, gases, manpower, etc.

5. Foreign Collaboration

MMPL ties with Major System Houses for Technical Collaboration in developing New Technologies for Mining also in Collaboration with foreign Company, MMPL in a Progressive way looking for establishing Digital Mine Concept in Indian Mines.