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Mining Exploration Services

Borehole Geophysics

Exploratory Drilling

Geological mapping, logging & drafting

Geological modelling & Resource Estimation

Gravity, Magnetic Drone& DGPS Survey

Remote Sensing & GIS


  • Exploration Planning
  • Seismic Survey- 2D/3D
  • Hydrogeological Survey
  • Geo Technical Services
  • VES, Electrical Resistivity Imaging
  • Laboratory Analysis from NABL Accredited Lab
  • Mine Planning

Mineral & Coal Exploration

  • Provides End to End solution starting from Planning of projects till mine management.
  • QC-NABET Accredited agency for Preparation of Geological reports in Coal.
  • Notified  Exploration Agency ( Category A) under Ministry of Mines.
  • Conducts Pre-feasibility & Feasibility studies
  • Over 2 Lakh meters drilling per year.

Exploration Drilling

MMPL has its state-of-art fleet of hydraulic rigs up to 3000 meters capacity.
We at MMPL ensure that all measures and efforts are taken for delivering quality service to esteemed clients.
  • Diamond Core Drilling
  • Reverse Circulation
  • Specialized & Large Diameter Drilling
  • Rotary Mud Drilling
  • Coal Bed Methane Drilling
  • Down The Hole (DTH) Drilling

Accredited for prospecting

Exploration Agency (APA)

Notified Exploration Agency

(Category-A) under Ministry of Mines

Discovery of New Minerals

  • The MMDR amendment 2021 showed promise as a harbinger of game-changing reforms by allowing private agencies to undertake mineral prospecting operations.
  • Mineral, may be found as surficial deposits or as concealed deposits, Both categories require detailed exploration but deep-seated minerals require stateof-the-art technologies
  • Aero geophysics with state of art magnetic and radiometric sensors can be the first step to identify potential blocks.
  • This is supposed to be followed up by detailed electromagnetic and gravity gradiometric studies

Minerals We Explored

Growth Profile
(Year wise drilling progress)

Our Exploration Services

Manportable rigs

This rig is designed to be easily disassembled, hand carried and transported in sections to the drilling site and rebuilt there, that conventional machines cannot access. They are super-efficient, versatile, and durable and can work in any challenging environment.
They are suitable for jungles, mountainous regions, forests, hilly regions, remote areas and several other complex places without harming the

Successfully executed Geothermal borehole of 1000 meter at Manuguru for GSI with temperature more than 80°C generating around 800 lom water on which a 20KW thermal power plant will be commissioned shortly

Bore Hole Geophysics

Undertaken several prestigious projects by ensuring accurate data quality. Capable of detailed geophysical logging of bore hole.
Logging Technology extensively uses:
  • Natural Gamma
  • Spectral Gamma
  • Normal Resistivity
  • Focussed Resistivity
  • SP
  • Induced Polarization
  • Dual Density
  • Single / 3 Arm Caliper
  • Neutron
  • Sonic
  • Borehole Deviation
  • Temperature
  • ATV / OTV

Hydrogeology & Geotechnical Services

MMPL offers complete solution for Hydrogeology:
  • Pumping Tests
  • Aquifer Test
  • Slug Test
  • Constant Head Test
  • Discharge rate / Drawdown Test
  • Packer Testing / Permeability Test


  • PMP Tests
  • RQD, RMR Ground condition
  • Slope stabilization
  • Ground improvement
  • Rock & soil anchors