We are committed to improving the social, environmental and economic capital of our stakeholders and the communities we touch.

Our approach acknowledges the social corporate responsibility of mining not only as a major consumer of resources but its impact on the social fabric of communities. We recognize the ‘community of interest’ which exists between our investors, our people and the communities we impact.

In cooperation with our clients, we engage with the communities we operate within and our people to actively manage the lifecycle of the mine assets we operate. This is reflected in the design of the environments we create and in the commitment of our people to manage them effectively.

MMPL contributes funding and arranges site-based employment in the workshops.

Our philosophy is well integrated into our operations and at all levels of our business.

1. MMPL Group has has recently Donate 2.5 Lac to Mahagujarat Medical Society (Registered Under Bombay Public Trust Act,1950 and Society Registration act, 1860) for Construction of a new Cancer Diagnostic and therapeutic hispital with all modern facilities.

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Photo Credit Times of India