Underground Coal Mining



  • Under Ground Coal Mining We are the pioneer among the private investors in India for Mass production technology with Longwall mining and introducing smart & efficient machine like “Bolter miner”.
  • International Partners We have the World’s biggest first liner companies with us.
  • Core expertise After successfully accomplishing various mining aspects in various mining sector now we are into fully mechanized underground Coal mining with E.P.C. Projects on the commitment of minimum 2 million tonne guaranteed production per year.
  • Planning & design Our dedicated departmental experts are into this process, who have also successfully planned D.G.M.S. approved various fully mechanized Longwall and Bord & Pillar districts with various type of faulty zone, consisting huge amount of mass production.
  • Air Ventilation Our dedicated department has solely successfully accomplished the D.G.M.S. approved design of virgin gassy seams withstanding two million tonne production from ultra modern fully mechanized mining technology.
  • Material transport Breaking the conventional process we are using efficient & powerful fully mechanized technological machineries for faster transportation of materials.
  • Coal transport We are deploying approximately seven kilometers of conveyor system into one of our underground mass production mines. Our strong & reliable conveyor system will borne coal from underground working face up to surface with an average rate of more than eight thousand tonne per day.
  • Development We are developing and maintaining longwall faces with 200 meters, which is also very rare and challenging of its kind in Indian mining history for higher and faster production.
  • Gate Road Breaking the conventional method, for best performance with safety measures, We have being engaged faster and smarter heading technology for preparing depillaring districts for our world’s fastest coal cutting technology.
  • Trunk Roads Developed by fully mechanized technology, these are long and healthy life line of our huge producing mines, which withstand the whole “life of the mine” undoubtedly.
  • Bord & Pillar Understanding “safety”, “life of the mine” and value of the production, our dedicated team depillar each and every faulty and patchy district of the seam with fully mechanized mining equipment.
  • Incline World class fully mechanized technologies are used for safe, endurable and fast advancement for approaching to seam.
  • Longwall Face Intelligent approaches for faster deploying and commissioning, of the world’s finest and largest coal producing technology. Lengthy twin entry ideas for consistent production in lesser time
  • Stone Drifting We have engaged world class robust and powerful fully mechanized machineries to withstand in known aspect with unknown natural phenomena, for a faster progress of work.
  • Mass Production Our fully mechanized technologies can be comparable with Controlling and combining the speed of lighting and volume of the Everest.
  • Longwall World’s costliest and best technologies ever, for optimum production but obviously with unparalleled safety.
  • Bolter Miner By sensibly use of time and smarter way of work. This fully mechanized technology produces optimum production but obviously with unparallel safety, in its segment.